From log crib temporary resource structures, which were once the company mainstay, to highway structures several hundred meters in length, Ruskin has a proven track record of managing and delivering the project as required. With the operational strategy to maintain a full profile of services, our client base can receive competitive design and construction options when planning their bridge fabrication requirements. Ruskin has successfully completed bridge projects in a wide variety of locations, including the Canadian Arctic, Central America and the Aleutian Islands of Alaska. Efficient deployment of resources is at the core of Ruskin's competence. With several long term contracts to a host of top tier clients, Ruskin maintains a large inventory of bridge construction materials and equipment to ensure prompt delivery of service.

The bridge structures provided by Ruskin range from a 6m log crib foundation with log stringer girders for temporary access to 200m permanent multi span structures of structural steel and concrete designed for 150 ton loading.

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