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Safety & Environment

We at Ruskin believe that all injuries are preventable. Guided by our Safety and Environmental policies, our goal is an accident and injury-free workplace where injury prevention is everyone’s responsibility.

All personnel employed by Ruskin are entitled to a safe, healthy and productive work environment. By staying focused on safety, we protect our workers, we offer peace of mind to their families and we ensure operational excellence. We regard safety as a visible demonstration of care and concern for our employees, our clients and the public.

Our Health and Safety Program is developed in a spirit of co-operation between management, supervisors and workers and we encourage all employees to make safety a daily priority. Our operations comply with Occupational Health and Safety regulations – but meeting regulatory requirements is just the beginning. By measuring, benchmarking and communicating our safety record, we strive to constantly improve our safety performance.

Employee training, involvement and commitment, along with management leadership and accountability make Ruskin’s safety program a dynamic part of our business.

At Ruskin we build safety.