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Safety Policy

We at Ruskin Construction Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Ruskin”) are committed to the Occupational Health and Safety Act, Regulation and Code. We are dedicated to pursuing and achieving full compliance and assuring, so far as possible, safe and healthful working conditions as provided in Legislation in an ongoing process of Safety Program development.

It is the ultimate goal of Ruskin Construction Ltd. to achieve an accident and injury free work record. This will be realized by making Safety the primary consideration in all operations. As Management, we accept the responsibility for leadership of the Health and Safety Program, for its effectiveness and improvement, and for providing the safeguards required to ensure safe conditions.


Management is committed to the health, safety and wellness of its employees, clients and the public.

We recognize and accept the responsibility to provide our employees with a safe, healthy and productive work environment.

The Supervisors and Foremen are responsible for developing and maintaining proper attitudes towards Health and Safety; in themselves and in those they supervise. They are to ensure that all operations are performed in compliance with this Health, Safety, and Environmental Program; and to demonstrate the utmost regard for the Health and Safety of all personnel involved. Ruskin leadership recognizes the right of workers to work in a safety and healthy work environment.

Employees are responsible for committing to all aspects of the Health and Safety Program, including, compliance with all rules and regulations and the continuing practice of Safety while performing their duties.

The Health and Safety Program development process is conducted in a spirit of co-operation between Management, Supervision and the workers.

Ruskin Believes that:

  • All injuries can be prevented
  • Injury prevention is everyone’s responsibility
  • Safety is embedded into everything we do
  • Operational Excellence is not achievable without safety excellence
  • Safety is a visible demonstration of care and concern for one another
  • Safety is a fundamental business value and we will behave accordingly
  • Measuring, benchmarking, and communicating safety performance drives improvement
  • Workers involvement in safety activities builds understanding and commitment, and ownership
  • A well-trained employee is a safe worker
  • On the job and off the job safety are interconnected, with one influencing the other

We encourage all Ruskin workers to strive to demonstrate these Values and Beliefs in your day-today actions and behaviors. If you are successful in this regard, we are confident we will set new benchmarks for Operational Excellences.